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Leadership Coaching

Investing in your people and your future is key to your success. Group coaching helps your team grow together as leaders, which will help them support each other as your company grows.

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Why is Leadership Coaching Important

You just put them into a leadership role, but didn't show them how to be a leader. As your company grows it will be important that your people lead with the best interest of the company in mind. Teaching your leadership team how to work together and then lead together, will create a cohesive environment and a solid foundation for company growth.

What they will learn

How it works

Group Coaching 2-4 people

Meet bi-weekly for 2 hours

Time commitment - One-year commitment (minimum six (6) month out)

- What it means to be a leader.
- How to walk the walk
- How to earn respect
- How to get the most out of their people
- How to work through situations with patients and understanding
- So much more...

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