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One on One Leadership Coaching

Individual coaching that will empower you to grow your people to grow your business

Don’t make the same mistake most CEOs do. 

Only 14% of CEO possess the leadership skills necessary to grow their business. Most spend their careers developing the intelligence for the role but not the leadership skills necessary to fill the role. Not developing your leadership skills wastes your people’s potential, stagnates your business, and atrophies your culture. Leaving you with sleepless nights and a feeling of insignificance. We don’t want that for you. That's why we do one-on-one leadership coaching to empower you to unlock your people’s potential and grow your business. 

One on One Leadership Coaching

Through this weekly one-on-one leadership coaching, you will become a true leader who can unlock your team’s potential and grow your business. 

What's Included

  • Weekly hour-long one-on-one coaching sessions.

  • An experienced coach who can help guide you on your journey of developing into a true leader. 

  • Unlimited access to your coach for real-time coaching through a call, text, or emai

  • The ability to unlock the potential of each person on your team.

  • The ability to lead with why, create authentic relationships with your entire team, lead by example, empower your team through delegation, communicate in a way that everyone understands you, cultivate a growth mindset, be resilient in the face of challenges, develop emotional intelligence to engage conflict authentically, celebrate the success in a way that creates a deeper connection, and hold yourself to a higher ethical standard

  • Helping you to integrate your business’s core purpose, core values, organizational habits, mission, and top priorities throughout your entire organization. 

$3,500 per month

Get a 788% Return on Investment

On average, businesses that invest in leadership development see a 788% return on investment. Our coaching meets this standard and may exceed it. One-on-one leadership coaching will help you unlock the potential of your people to grow your business and realize a 788%+ return on your investment.

How to Get One on One Leadership Coaching 

Schedule a Discovery Call

In this 30-minute discovery call, we will discuss where your business is, what’s holding it back, and how we can best support you on your leadership journey. 

Show up to sessions

Show up to the weekly coaching sessions, and allow yourself to be transformed into a true leader who unlocks your team's potential.  

Watch as your people grow your business

Watch your people unlock their potential and grow your business. Enjoy the fruits of being a true leader!

Leadership is hard.
You don’t have to do it alone.

Only 14% of CEOs possess the leadership skills necessary to grow their business because being an effective leader is hard.  It requires doing the inner work to get connected to your why, creating authentic relationships with your team, setting the example for others to follow, delegating by releasing control to empower your team, listening first and communicating in ways everyone can understand, having a growth mindset, being resilient in the face of challenges, having the emotional intelligence to engage conflict well, celebrating results whenever they come, and being held to a higher ethical standard.

Nobody is innately born with these qualities, and no leadership position develops you into this type of leader. Investing in one-on-one leadership coaching will help put these qualities into your muscle memory. If you are not investing in leadership development for yourself, you are setting yourself and your business up to fail. 

Investing in leadership coaching for yourself won't just help your business be successful. It will transform your business into a fulfilling community where everyone belongs. 
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