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Leadership Development Groups

Learn how to grow your business by growing your people with a community of support.

Most businesses fail because of a lack of leadership.

When trying to lead without developing leadership skills, many people revert to old, ineffective management tactics:

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Starting with ‘what’ rather than ‘why’

Trying to control their team rather than create authentic relationships

Expecting results from people without empowering them

Communicate with words rather than tone

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Just survive rather than grow and thrive

Get angry at problems rather than developing a system to solve them

Point blame when things go wrong rather than taking blame as the leader

Hold others to an impossible standard

These leave you ineffective, exhausted, and alone. We don’t want that for you. That’s why we created this Leadership Development Group: to help you avoid these mistakes and become a true leader who can grow people to grow your business.

Leadership Development Group

In this 6-month leadership development group you will learn and practice being a true leader by creating authentic connections with fellow business leaders on the same journey. This will equip you with everything you need to grow your business by growing people. 

What's Included

  • Six Months of 90-minute group coaching sessions twice a month

  • A community of support with up to 7 other business leaders on their journey to becoming True Leaders

  • An experienced coach who guides your group through practices and experiences to become True Leaders

  • Unlimited access to your group’s leadership coach for real-time coaching through a call, text, or email

  • The ability to lead with why, create authentic relationships with your entire team, lead by example, empower your team through delegation, communicate in a way that everyone understands you, cultivate a growth mindset, be resilient in the face of challenges, develop emotional intelligence to engage conflict authentically, celebrate the success in a way that creates a deeper connection, and hold yourself to a higher ethical standard.

$750 per person per month

Get a 788% Return on Investment

On average, businesses that invest in leadership development see a 788% return on investment. Our coaching meets this standard and may exceed it. This group will help you grow your people to grow your business and realize a 788%+ return on investment.

Here is How our Coaching Works

Join a Group

Click Join a group today and fill out the information.

Become a True Leader

Show up to the sessions and transform within a safe community. 

Watch as your people grow your business.

After the six-month group coaching, your business will grow. Just enjoy and be amazed at how effective your people are at growing your business because of your true leadership.

Leadership is lonely.
Become a True Leader in a community.

The leadership gap is a huge problem for your business. Only 14% of CEOs possess the leadership skills necessary to grow their business.

Not only is your business growth stunted without developing leaders within your organization, but you likely don’t know how to grow people beyond giving advice. We felt the same way until someone developed us into true leaders. Since then, we have helped dozens of people become true leaders. Join this leadership development group and learn how to grow your business by growing your people in a community of other business leaders. Without investing in leadership development for yourself or your team, you are setting your business up to fail. Investing in leadership development will make your business successful now and will transform your business into a community that is a fulfilling place where everyone belongs.

Join this leadership development group today and grow your business by growing your people. To join the group, simply click the button below. 
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