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About Pull the Chute

Pull the Chute's Mission Statement is to help as many businesses grow and be the best they can be. To achieve this we offer Business, Executive, and Leadership Coaching, along with weekly podcasts, weekly video interviews, monthly workshops, or the book - Pull the Chute - Taking your Business to New Heights. 

What makes us different from other coaches?


Firstly, we don't follow a pre-existing methodology like so many other coaches. Each business, person or situation is unique. That's why we take time to understand where you're at, where you want to go and what it's gonna take to get there.  We start by understanding all your issues, concerns, and challenges. We then work with you to put a plan together that will get you to where you want to go. We call this "Momentum Coaching". We then meet with you or your team weekly for one hour, where we go through the tasks that were agreed upon, we discuss any issues, work through solutions, and we hold you accountable. We believe the biggest difference is that we are available for "Real-time Coaching" on an as-needed basis.  Real-time coaching is coaching that occurs during a situation where we help you decide the best approach. 


We have an amazing team that can help you take your business to new heights.   

Meet The Team

Jeff Sesol Head Shot.png

Jeff Sesol

Jeff is an accomplished entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience. During that time, he has built and sold several companies, notably, FreeDrive (a web-based storage company) and SonMedia (an Internet safety platform for parents). He brings a wealth of practical knowledge to business, executive, and momentum/leadership coaching. Jeff has dedicated considerable time to supporting the growth of other companies, helping them grow and be the best they can be. His most recent venture, “Pull the Chute,” continues his crusade to help as many companies as possible grow and be the best they an be, by coaching leaders and changing the culture of organizations to all them to take their businesses to new heights. He believes if you grow your people, you will grow you business

Drew Elgatian head shot.png

Drew Elgatian
Business Coach

Drew has always been driven to help and serve others. He values quality over quantity always working hard to do the best possible job. Drew provides a unique look at your business to help it grow and be the best it can be. Through learning personally from American Express and NASA’s head leadership coach Ronnie Doss. And continual reading of leadership authors such as John Maxwell. Drew has always had a passion for personal growth and leadership. Personal growth leads to leadership growth that leads to business growth and success. Seeing the potential that people have that they don’t see themselves is what drives him to serve others and businesses to reach greater heights. 

Connor Botes head shot.png

Connor Botes
Business Coach

Connor is a versatile professional whose career journey has taken him from engineering to business operations and now coaching. He is marked by strategic thinking, insatiable curiosity, and a knack for forging meaningful connections. His belief that growth truly happens through relationships drives his strategic mindset to refine the mission and infuse the core values into everyday business operations. He absolutely loves channeling curiosity into innovative solutions and embracing the joy in everyday experiences.


Amy Chovanec

Amy brings over 10 years of marketing, event and operational experience to the team. Her passion to help others be the best they can be drives her to not only provide a stable business infrastructure, but also provides the needed support for the team. 

Missy LaDuke
Creative Director

Missy has a degree from the Illinois Institute of Art.  She provides an extensive skill set, which includes live streaming broadcasts across multiple social and website platforms, virtual event management, video recording and editing, strategic brand design, event brand/product design, graphic design, social media content and design, email campaigns, industry research, scheduling blogs/press releases and pitching industry events. Mary’s certified project management background helps to manage multiple clients’ needs and schedules.

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