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Pull the Chute Partnership Program

Become a partner with Pull the Chute and join the network of companies that support each other as we maximize our potential!


What does being a partner mean?

Our mission is to help as many executives and business owners reach their goals. This doesn't always require just coaching. Sometimes you need help across one or two of the five (5) areas we focus on: Marketing, Systems, Sales, Finance & People. We have built a network of resources that can help in those areas, but we are always looking for other great partners. If you help us support other executives/ businesses you can reap the benefits below!

Partner Benefits:

  • 20% monthly commission on every referral that becomes a Pull the Chute client for the life of the client (as much as $700 per month per client).

  • Interview for the Pull the Chute Podcast, PTC TV Channel and guest blog opportunities to be used across your and our social media platforms.

  • Listed on the Partner Page, which includes:

    • headshot

    • company logo

    • short personal and company bio

    • Link to Podcast and/or TV Channel

    • Link to your company website

    • Access to the PTC Network of Partners

    • Involvement in monthly network calls

    • Guest speaking opportunities at workshops/events

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Fists in Solidarity
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Meet Our Partners

Our partners provide a network of experts and resources to support any of your needs or gaps that need to be filled.

Kelly Horton Headshot final.png

Kelly Horton - CG Recruiting - Recruiting Services

Founder of CG Recruiting. Kelly is an innovative business partner adept at full-life-cycle recruiting.  With over 20 years in the Human Resources/Staffing field, her experience includes recruiting everything from Executive positions to laborers in hard-to-fill locations both in the public and private sectors.  Her goal is to connect each client with the best talent based upon both their professional skills and cultural fits. 

Prior to CG, Kelly worked as a Managing Partner at Rocket Recruiting Solutions and as a Talent Partner at Waste Management, assisting with all levels of recruiting for 7 states.  This included strategy development and implementation as well as training for all levels of employees.  With each client, Kelly seeks to fully understand their needs as well as to identify any potential barriers to success.  This includes utilizing targeted behavioral-based interviewing techniques. While recruiting is her passion, Kelly also spent 8 years in the legal field as well as attending law school for 2 years.  Her legal jobs included working in civil law offices, criminal defense, as well as the State Attorney General.


Listen to our podcast episode:

Norma Shirk.png

Norma Shirk - Corporate Compliance Risk Advisor - HR Services

President of Corporate Compliance Risk Advisors here in Nashville. CCRA provides SMBs with the help they need to create their human resources (HR) functions and HR department, including creating/revising HR policies and procedures; investigating employee dishonesty claims; implementing internal controls to reduce business losses; creating disaster recovery and business continuity plans; and assessing corporate risks that can be mitigated by insurance coverage. Norma obtained her BA from Middle Tennessee State University and received her Law Degree from the University of Tennessee. She also received the Distinguished Service Award for service as Chair of the Corporate Counsel Section, Tennessee Bar Association.


Listen to our podcast episode:

Janna Landry.png

Janna Landry - Speaker, Coach & Author

As Janna says, Most people don't like to get up in front of a group of people and speak. I get it... it can be scary. That’s why Janna works with clients to turn them into a confident, impactful, and dynamic professional to get results while having fun.  She has been coaching business leaders, executives, public figures and entertainers for over 25 years and has a long list of successes! Artistically speaking, Janna is an accomplished vocalist and professional actor.

Listen to our podcast episode:


Kristin Parks Circle Headshot.png

Kristin Parks - Search Engine Optimization Strategist

Kristin understands the power of SEO and how it takes a combination of properly worded content, keywords, videos and backlinks to obtain the best results for her clients and the strategy required to get those results. I am excited to learn more about Kristin,  SEO and any tips or tricks she can give our listeners to help them improve their SEO Ranking. Quick side note, Kristin is an avid skydiver with over 80 jumps to her credit. So she truly understands what it means to Pull the Chute.

Listen to our podcast episode:

Website: https://www.kristinparksSEO

Marc Lochow circle headshot.png
Proforma PSP-2C no swoosh.png

Marc Lochow - ProformaPSP - Marketing Products

Marc owns ProformaPSP, a tangible marketing company that provides an array of printing, promotional products, and related graphic products. Everything from banners, shirts, pens, and mugs to ideas, inspiration, strategy, tools, and everything in between to help companies grow their business. 

Marc is a second-generation printer. His parents bought the company in 1971 and called it Print Source Plus. He literally grew up in the business. After college, he went back to work for his parents, and eventually, he and his wife Lynn bought the business from them in 2003, 50+ years and still going strong


Coty Escue Circle Headshot.png

Coty Escue - Culture Made Simple - Culture Consultant

Coty is a Culture Expert, he architects company cultures to create a positive, inviting and supportive work environment where people thrive. He works with companies to create a culturally specific framework and then supports management to implement them to build a healthy business. He refers to this as Change Management through Culture.

Listen to our podcast episode:

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