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New Venture, ‘Pull the Chute’ Transforms Small to Medium-sized Businesses

Sep 23, 2021

Nashville, TN - September 23, 2021 - Pull the Chute LLC, a leading provider of business coaching, executive coaching and leadership coaching, announces the opening of its doors with services throughout the United States. The Pull the Chute formalized methodology was created by founder Jeff Sesol to take companies to the next level of success. Growing a company is not always about working harder, it is more about utilizing the talent around you. With the foundation of this new business model being around positive leadership, positive company culture and employee development, the business is structurally set up for success while catering to a culture that allows its people to feel appreciated.

The Mission - To change the leadership style of top-down management to an employee inclusive culture that is encouraging, supportive, and caring, thus creating an environment where employees have a voice in how they do their job along with the overall direction of the business.

With over 30 years of experience helping companies reach their business goals, Jeff is no rookie. Starting his own company in 1994, Jeff took that business to the next level and then moved on to his next venture in 2003. From there, he led many successful companies and shared his expertise throughout the U.S. Over the years, he has helped companies grow an average of over 300% and has dedicated his life and purpose to helping others be the best they can be while reaching their goals of success. Whether teams are remote or in-office, Jeff’s methodology utilizes strategies to identify and develop customized plans. By launching ‘Pull the Chute’, his goal is to share his success throughout his life and give people the advice to cut through some of the learning curves and get straight to the next level.

Take the chance, pull the chute from 5,500 feet in the air and continue the movement Jeff has lived by - elevate your business.


About Pull the Chute

Pull the Chute, LLC is the leading provider of Business Coaching, Executive Coaching and Leadership Coaching. Focusing on the premise if you grow your people, you will grow your company. People are your company’s greatest asset and it is important that you develop a culture that enables them to contribute, be heard and feel appreciated; it all begins when you Pull the Chute. This allows you to see where you are and where you want to go. With over 30+ years of coaching experience, Pull the Chute has been helping small to medium size businesses take their company to the next level.

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