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Fractional COO

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A second in command who will build out your systems to unlock your team's potential and grow your business.

You can avoid the mistake most business owners make

You are wasting thousands of dollars and countless hours if your annual business revenue is at $1M+, and you don’t have clarity in:

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effective top priorities for the business

roles and responsibilities for each team member and how they all connect


integrating core values into daily work

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key metrics that drive business growth

how to empower each team member to work at the intersection of their strengths and passions

The key processes of your entire business

The lack of clarity means you just have to work harder for the same or worse results. Leaving you overworked, exhausted, and alone. By hiring me as your fractional COO, you will free yourself up to live into your Visionary role and create clarity for your team to grow your business. 

Fractional COO

As your fractional COO, I will install and run an effective business operating system that empowers your people to execute your vision and grow your business.

What's Included

  • Up to 60 hours a month of work

  • Clarity for your Vision, broken down into top priorities for the following quarter 

  • An organizational chart to create focus for every person in your business

  • Establishing effective weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual meeting rhythms

  • Identifying and tracking key metrics on a weekly basis

  • Consistent one-on-one meetings with every person on your senior leadership team

  • Streamlining key processes to optimize your business’ functioning

  • So much more

$3,500-$6,500 per month

30X+ your investment

A good second in command will help you 2X+ your business. However, the true power of a second-in-command is how they free up you as the business owner to be the visionary, which empowers you to 10X the business. Realistically, hiring the right second in command will give you a 30X+ return on investment. Schedule a discovery call to explore if we will be an excellent fit to scale your business together. 

Bringing me on as your Fractional COO is easy

Schedule a Discovery Call

In this 30-minute discovery call, we will explore if a fractional COO relationship is your next right step.

Create Clarity for Your Business

In the first 30 days of hiring me, you will get a report on how to create greater clarity for your business. I will help implement that plan and empower your team to execute your vision and grow your business. 

Watch as your people grow your business

Your dreams and visions that were once an idea are now in reality and changing people’s lives. Your business is thriving, your people love working for you, and you are making the difference you want to see. 

Leadership is hard.
You don’t have to do it alone.

Trying to be your business's owner, visionary, and operator once it's annual revenue grows beyond $1M+ can waste thousands of dollars and countless hours. What you need is clear roles and responsibilities, top priorities for the quarter, meeting rhythms, core values integrated into daily work, metrics that drive business growth, processes that operate your business, and direction for each of your team members. But you don’t have the time to dedicate, and you don’t have the money to hire someone full-time as your COO. Leaving you overworked, exhausted, and alone. This is why I offer fractional COO services: to empower you to live into your visionary role while empowering your team to execute your vision at a fraction of the cost of a full time COO. You don’t have to keep running your business on your own. Schedule a discovery call, and let’s explore if a fractional COO is right for you. 
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