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Executive Coaching Overview

An executive coach is a professional that works with executives (sometimes high-potential employees) to help them gain a better understanding of who they are (self-awareness), identify their goals, and development objectives. Help them to unlock their potential and act as a sounding board (critical for most executives/business owners). They are not consultants or therapists, they usually refrain from giving advice (but at times, may have to) or solving client problems. Rather they ask questions, help them to think through solutions/scenarios so they eventually learn to solve problems on their own.

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What to Expect

Self-Awareness Development

Elevating executives' understanding of their own leadership style and areas for growth.

Sounding Board and Facilitator Role

Providing a safe space for executives to explore solutions and gain insights on how to solve their problems.

Goal Identification and Strategy

Assisting executives in setting clear, achievable goals and developing strategies to reach them.

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