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Momentum Coaching Overview

You want to grow the company, but you've hit a plateau. How do you get to the next level. You put people into a leadership role, hoping they can drive the business, except you didn't show them how to be a leader. As you look for the momentum needed to grow the company, it will be important that your people lead with the company's best interest in mind. Teaching your team how to work together will create a cohesive environment and a solid foundation for company growth.

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What to Expect

Goal-Oriented Leadership Development

Guidance in defining the direction for your company and developing your leaders to align with these goals.

Regular and Structured Meetings

Weekly one-hour sessions, monthly meetings with the Executive Team, and thrice-monthly sessions with other leaders.

Commitment to Transformation

A minimum six-month commitment, ideally extending to a year, to ensure substantial and lasting growth.

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