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More News from Pull the Chute 

We are excited to announce the opening of our London office effective today, 4-4-2024. Yes, you read that right, London, England. That means we’ve gone International! Jeff Sesol, CEO of Pull the Chute, stated, “This is the next step in our mission to help 200 companies grow and be the best they can be by 2030”. To help in that mission, we would like to proudly introduce Bob Cotton who will manage our new London office. 


                         About Bob Cotton

Bob joins the team as an ILM 7 Certified Executive Coach and a Fellow of the Association for Coaching. He has spent years helping global executives, leaders, and managers overcome their problems, unlock their potential, and achieve their goals – personally and for their businesses. 


Bob has led international technology and consulting businesses with over 15 years of board experience, turning businesses around and driving growth with a focus on customer success and people development. He has a track record of working across cultures to build resilient coalitions and strong relationships with clients, vendors, and other partners.


He has spent time advising PE organizations in the technology market and the boards of SMEs on how to grow and develop. He is proud to be Chair of The Anne Robson Trust, helping them provide compassionate support to people and their families across the UK who are facing end of life.


To learn more about Bob, listen to his Podcast Interview - Click Here 


Please join us in welcoming Bob to the team. Bob can be reached at


About Pull the Chute

Pull the Chute's Mission Statement is to help 200 businesses by 2030 to grow and be the best they can be because we believe small businesses can change the world. To achieve this, we offer Business, Executive, and Momentum/Leadership Coaching. In addition, we offer weekly podcasts, timely video interviews, workshops, speaking engagements, and our first book - Pull the Chute - Taking your Business to New Heights, as tools for businesses to grow.  

What makes us different from other coaches? We believe we are the best in the world at helping small businesses grow beyond their self-imposed limitations. 

How do we do that?


Firstly, we don't follow a pre-existing methodology like so many other coaches and/or coaching firms. Each business, person, or situation is unique. That's why we take time to understand where you're at, where you want to go, and what it will take to get there.  We start by understanding all your issues, concerns, and challenges. We then work with you to put a plan together that will get you to where you want to go. We call this "Momentum Coaching". We then meet with you and/or your team weekly for one hour, where we go through the tasks that were agreed upon, discuss any issues, work through solutions, and hold you and your team accountable. In addition, we believe the biggest difference is that we are available for "Real-time Coaching" as needed.  Real-time coaching occurs during a situation(s) where we help you determine the best approach to an amicable solution.


We have an amazing team that can help you take your business to new heights.   


Need to contact us? Drop us an email at


Need a coach? Let’s set up a call - CLICK HERE

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