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Take your Business to New Heights

  • Has your business plateaued?

  • Not sure how to reach your goals?

  • Need help on the best way to grow your business?

Isn't it time you hired a coach to help guide you and help you achieve your dreams?

Pull the Chute utilizes a proven methodology and philosophy for Business Executives/Owners to  "Take your Business to New Heights."  

We work with you every week, providing one-on-one coaching that will:

  • Allow you to take a breath.

  • Feel in control.

  • Help you see where you are at.

  • Where you want to go.


The ultimate goal is to help you create momentum to grow you as an executive, your people, and ultimately your business.

When is it time to 'Hire a Coach'?

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What is needed for success
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A couple of interesting stats you should know:
Pull the Chute Interesting Stats.png

Only 49% of employees are happy at their job

79% of people leave their jobs because they feel unappreciated

12% leave for more money

Only 50% of employees hail “Good job” to their leadership team

Is turnover an issue? These could be some of the reasons.

The Pull the Chute Story

A Message from our Founder
Pull the Chute Testimonials:

"Jeff has continually guided and kept me calm during our recent growth spurt. Growing is always good, but how we handle it is critical to our success. Jeff's patience, calmness, and guidance have helped us navigate moving into a new space. I couldn't have done it without him."

"Jeff's situational approach and customized solutions are unique and on point. He has helped not only my practice grow but also me grow as a person. Always pushing me to step out of my comfort zone."

“Such a big fan of yours always Jeff. Thank you for the amazing ride and looking forward to working with you in the future as we further drive impact in our industry with your amazing entrepreneurial talent and professionalism. All my best my friend.”

"What an amazing culture we built. Your patience, guidance, and wisdom not only helped us grow but kept us on track. Your counsel and presence when dealing with issues, big or small, was such a calming effect not only on me but the team as well. Thanks for all you do.”

Our Mission

Pull the Chute Mission.png

To help as many companies as possible grow and be the best they can be. 


How do we plan on doing that?


Firstly, we bring 30+ years of experience in successful entrepreneurial ventures as well as 20+ years of  consulting/coaching companies, helping executives to get out of their own way, leading to successful results.

Second, momentum and scaling are critcal to success. We work companies to build a solid foundation that prepares them for growth by growing their people and their business throught "Momentum Coaching" TM.

Ways we Help you Grow and be Your Best
Taking Your Business to New Heights  Book Cover.jpg

Pull the Chute - Taking your Business to New Heights - Jeff Sesol

This best seller has been in book studies and part of many growth workshops. Get your copy today - Click Here.

“Pull the Chute is a one-on-one conversation with Jeff himself -- a candid look into his failures and successes and his passion for helping others to realize their potential in business. The conversational approach, anecdotal evidence, and raw advice is like a life lesson from your favorite person. Jeff hits the nail on the head encouraging his readers to "pull the chute" in life!”

Ashley Freeman

Pull the Chute Podcast.png
Pull the Chute Podcast

Be a guest on our Podcast. Share your service, product, and philosophies in this weekly podcast with over 2,000 downloads. Your message will be shared with 8,000+ listeners across our professional network. Plus, you get a professionally done podcast to share across your social networks. 

Visit to listen to our latest podcasts.

➡️Want to be a guest? Please email us at and put Podcast in the subject line to schedule your interview.

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The Journey Video Interviews

Show your face and be a guest on The Journey Video Interview.  People love hearing a great business startup story,  the highs, lows, and lessons learned. Interviews are conducted in person or on Zoom. Videos are posted on our YouTube channel, shared with our podcast audience, and are yours to share.

Visit your people to listen.

➡️Want to be a Guest? Email us at and put The Journey in the subject line.

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Pull the Chute Workshops

Our next workshop is going to be in January of 2024 check back here for more information

Let us know how we can help. Someone will get back to you soon

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