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Leadership Development Coaching

Personalized leadership development that helps you grow yourself and grow your people to grow your business.


When trying to lead without developing leadership skills, many people revert to old,

ineffective management tactics:

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Starting with ‘what’ rather than ‘why’

Trying to control their team rather than create authentic relationships

Expecting results from people without empowering them

Communicate with words rather than tone

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Just survive rather than grow and thrive

Get angry at problems rather than developing a system to solve them

Point blame when things go wrong rather than taking blame as the leader

Hold others to an impossible standard

These leave you ineffective, exhausted, and alone. We don’t want that for you. That’s why we do leadership development coaching and have helped dozens of people become true leaders. We can help you become a true leader, too. 

You can become a true leader by
ENGAGING in any of these four services

Get a 788% Return on Investment


Businesses that invest in leadership development see an average of 788% return on investment. Our coaching meets this standard and may exceed it.


This is one of the reasons why Jeff was recognized at the 2024 CXO award for outstanding leadership:

Schedule a discovery call to see how we can help you grow your people to grow your business and realize a 788%+ return on investment.


Schedule a Discovery Call

In this 30-minute discovery call, we will discuss where your business is and what’s holding it back and connect you with the service that best meets your leadership needs.

Become a
True Leader

Engage in coaching or with your fractional COO and become a true leader who creates authentic connections, sets a clear direction, and empowers your team to make it happen. 

Watch Your People Grow your Business.

Your people are now growing your business. And you’ve cultivated an authentic connection with your team. You don’t just have a thriving business. You are now a part of a fulfilling community, enjoying the fruits of being a true leader!

Leading is hard enough.

Almost half of all people who step into a leadership role fail within the first 18 months because being an effective leader is hard. 

It requires doing the inner work to get connected to your why, creating authentic relationships with your team, setting the example for others to follow, delegating by releasing control to empower your team, listening first and communicating in ways everyone can understand, having a growth mindset, being resilient in the face of challenges, having the emotional intelligence to engage conflict well, celebrating results whenever they come, and being held to a higher ethical standard. Nobody is innately born with these qualities, and no leadership position develops you into this type of leader. Investing in leadership development will help put these qualities into your muscle memory. If you are not investing in leadership development for yourself and your team, you are setting your business up to fail. 

Schedule a discovery call to see what type of leadership development is best for you and your business. Leadership development won't just help your business be successful. It will transform your business into a fulfilling community where everyone belongs. 
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Download Six Ways to Grow your Business by Growing your People

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Be a guest on our Podcast. Share your service, product, and philosophies in this weekly podcast with over 2,000 downloads. Your message will be shared with 8,000+ listeners across our professional network.
Video Interviews
Show your face and be a guest on The Journey Video Interview.  People love hearing a great business startup story,  the highs, lows, and lessons learned. Interviews are conducted in person or on Zoom.
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